What We Offer

Our Unique Offer

Cornwall is a coastal peninsular incredibly rich in archaeological remains from all periods of history and prehistory, not just individual sites and buildings, but also whole landscapes, including those hugging the cliff edge or now lying beneath the sea.

With Heritage Adventures you can delve into this wonderful abundance, including Neolithic submerged forests, Iron Age cliff castles, medieval harbours and creek-side churches, 16th century and later forts, ports and shipwrecks, and an array of other sites associated with centuries of fishing, farming, mining, communication and trade.

To help you discover and appreciate this distinctive heritage, we offer a range of authentic, high-quality, guided tours, on foot and by boat, around stretches of the Cornish coast, currently focused within West Cornwall.

Join us on foot for one of our stunning Clifftop Hikes, ‘step aboard’ for a Sea Quest or Estuary Cruise and experience the peninsula’s rich history by boat, or if you prefer to stay harbour-side, Explore Newlyn will take you on a stroll around the port’s maritime and artistic heritage.

Our knowledgeable and friendly local experts aim to give you an experience that is both informative and fun, and respects our precious environment. We have teamed up with boat operators and skippers and formed links and partnerships with other local guides and specialists to further enhance your Heritage Adventures.

Our Core Values

  • Protecting our precious natural & historic environment – by increasing awareness, minimising our impact and promoting sustainable tourism.
  • Supporting our community – by being considerate of local people and creating links with and/or promoting other relevant local businesses and voluntary and public organisations.
  • Quality assurance – by providing our customers with an authentic, high-quality experience, which is continually being improved.
  • Customer satisfaction, enjoyment and safety – making it clear what we offer, having clear terms & conditions and privacy policy, taking account of feedback and adhering to health & safety.

Main image: (c) Jeanette Ratcliffe