Gurnard’s Head (Private Hire)

Gurnard’s Head – Clifftop Hike

Join us for this 2-hour, circular walk around Gurnards Head, one of the stunning Clifftop Hikes provided by Heritage Adventures, as part of our range of authentic, high-quality, guided tours, exploring West Cornwall’s rich history on foot or by boat.

As you walk down to and around the headland, learn about this coastline’s fascinating past, stretching back into early prehistory.

With the help of your guide, professional archaeologist Jeanette Ratcliffe, discover the remains of a spectacularly-located Iron Age cliff castle, together with the ruins of a medieval chapel, 19th century pilchard cellar and the engine house of a Cornish tin mine.

Main image: (c) Jeanette Ratcliffe

Start time: 2pm

Duration: 2 hours

Number of spaces: 10

Start point: Gurnard’s Head Hotel

Bus stop: Gurnard’s Head Hotel

Facilities: Toilets, refreshments and accommodation at Gurnard’s Head Hotel

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Private hire

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Private Hire