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Estuary Cruises – for Summer evenings & afternoons

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2.5 hour guided cruise around Carrick Roads, discovering how thousands of years of human activity have left their mark within the Fal Estuary’s deep tidal basin and the side creeks flowing into it.
3.5 hour guided cruise from the Fal Estuary to the Helford, discovering their evolution through time and the wealth of archaeological sites lining their shores and the open coast in between.

Join us for one of our special Estuary Cruises and explore by boat West Cornwall’s rich history, with knowledgeable and friendly local experts, part of the range of authentic, high-quality, guided tours, on foot or by boat, provided by Heritage Adventures.

Heritage Adventures has partnered up with local ferry company Fal River Cornwall to offer a limited number of special evening cruises exploring the history and archaeology of the spectacular Fal Estuary, on board the classic wooden ferry, Moyana.

People have been living around the shores of the Fal Estuary and sailing on its waters since prehistoric times, and from the Medieval period the estuary was a major focus of maritime trade and industry. From the 16th century, its strategic location at the gateway to the English Channel made it important in the defence of the realm and the estuary mouth was successively fortified over 400 years.

The Fal’s rich and distinctive historical identity is reflected in the number and range of archaeological sites and historic structures – Iron Age cliff castles, Medieval Creekside churches, Post-Medieval coastal forts, mining remains, quays, slipways and port infrastructure, abandoned hulks and shipwrecks.

An historic audit carried out by your guide, local archaeologist Jeanette Ratcliffe, as part of promoting sustainable use of the estuary, recorded 1200 sites and structures around the its 70-mile shore.

Bartholomew's 1903 1/2" map

Main image: (c) Fal River Cornwall

Estuary Cruises FAQs

How do I book my place on an Estuary Cruise?

Booking takes place on Fal River Cornwall’s website. Please follow the booking link provided for each Estuary Cruise.

Where do I board and disembark for my Estuary Cruise?

You board and disembark at Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth.

How physically fit and seaworthy do I need to be?

Getting on and off the boat involves going up and down quay steps, which you will need to be able to manage. Once on board you can sit inside the saloon or climb stairs to the open-air top deck. The waters of the Fal Estuary are generally sheltered and sea sickness is unlikely, unless you are particularly prone to it.

Are the Estuary Cruises suitable for children?

The Estuary Cruises are suitable for older children who love a boat trip and an historical adventure. They must be accompanied by parents or guardians, who will take responsibility for their welfare and safety.

What should I wear & what should I bring with me?

You need to wear clothing suitable for being on the water, where the air temperature is often cooler and the weather can be unpredictable. If you like sitting outside, additional warm layers and wind/waterproofs (plus suncreen during hot weather) are recommended. A camera and binoculars would also come in handy.

Can I bring my dog with me on the Estuary Cruise?

Unfortunately, owing to the length of time you will be on board (2.5 hours) and out of respect for other passengers, Fal River Cornwall have a no-dogs rule on these cruises.

Are there toilets available on board?

Yes, there are male and female toilets on the boat.

Are there refreshments on board?

Yes, there is a licensed bar on board selling drinks and snacks.