Clifftop Hikes

Clifftop Hikes – for year-round adventure

Find out more about our different Clifftop Hikes below. Contact us to enquire about walks coming up and book your place, or to arrange a private hire.

3-4 hour guided, circular hike along the clifftop from Treen, down into Penberth Cove and back through fields to the village.
3-4 hour guided, circular hike down to Gurnards Head, along the clifftop to Porthmeor Cove, and returning via fields and roadside.
3-4 hour guided, circular hike along the clifftop from Porthcurno to Porthgwarra and back through the fields, via St Levan Churchtown.
2-hour guided, circular hike around Gurnards Head, via Treen Cove, by trackway, coastal path and back across the fields.
3-4 hour guided, circular hike across the fields from Treen village to Porthcurno Cove, and along the clifftop to Trereen Dinas cliff castle.

Clifftop Hikes are part of the range of authentic, high-quality, guided tours, on foot or by boat, provided by Heritage Adventures.

Join us and explore on foot West Cornwall’s rich history, with knowledgeable and friendly local experts.

Our Clifftop Hikes are small-group, circular walks combining stunning stretches of the southwest coastal path and inland public rights of way, linking up a wide variety of historic and prehistoric sites, which your guide, professional archaeologist Jeanette Ratcliffe, will bring alive for you.

Main image: (c) Liz Kay Photography

(c) Liz Kay Photography
Clifftop Hikes FAQs

Where do I meet up with the guide for my Clifftop Hike?

You will meet up with your guide at the start point of the Clifftop Hike.

Where is the start point for my Clifftop Hike & how do I get there?

The start point varies for each different Clifftop Hike (see the details for the hike you have chosen). You will need to drive yourself or take public transport to the start point. For information about car parking availability and bus-stop locations, see details for the hike you have chosen. In some cases, if you are staying nearby, the start point may be in walking distance.

How difficult are the Clifftop Hikes & how fit do I need to be?

The Clifftop Hikes are over ground that is often steep, rocky and uneven, so a good level of mobility and fitness is required.

Are the Clifftop Hikes suitable for children?

The Clifftop Hikes are suitable for older children who love a countryside walk and a historical adventure. They must be accompanied by parents or guardians, who will take responsibility for their welfare and safety, particularly near the cliff edge.

What should I wear & what should I bring with me?

You need to wear clothing suitable for rough terrain and unpredictable weather. Walking boots and waterproofs, plus sunscreen during hot weather, are recommended, as well as hiking sticks if you use them. Please also bring water (and/or other drink) and an energy-giving snack, as we will stop for a refreshment break mid way through the hike. A camera and binoculars would also come in handy.

Can I bring my dog with me on the Clifftop Hike?

Dogs are welcome on the Clifftop Hikes, providing they are well behaved and friendly to humans and other dogs. It may be necessary to set a limit on the number of dogs on each hike.

Are there toilets available along the route?

There are toilets at the start and end of each Clifftop Hike, and on some (but not all) hikes at locations along the way – see details for the Clifftop Hike you have chosen.

Will we visit a cafe or pub during the hike?

On most Clifftop Hikes there is a cafe or pub at the start/end point, which you can visit before of after your walk (see the details for the hike you have chosen).  During the hike, we will sit down for a break mid way, so please bring a drink, energy-giving snack or other refreshments.